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Getting started

If you're planning your project and you have a reasonable idea of what you want to achieve, the next step is finding who you need to complete the work.

For smaller projects such as re-roofing, plumbing, heating or decorating you may just require a single tradesman. But for larger projects such as a bathroom fitting, extension, conversion or renovation it is vital to have your service providers scheduled and synchronised in order to minimise your downtime.

We can provide every trade you need and manage your project from start to finish with the minimum of fuss. We cover all trades and have a bank of trusted specialised contractors for the works we don’t carry out on a daily basis. We can work with you to plan an agreeable timeframe with detailed scheduling including expected weekly progress and a completion date.

If you're planning an extension, loft conversion or removal of walls you will need the help of an architect. They will let you know if your project is feasible and also any planning consents that may be required. In any instance you will need to have working drawings produced for submission to building control who oversee and inspect that the works are carried out in line with the current regulations. This is a very important process as having works done without building regulations approval will hinder any future sale of your property.


Planning permission is where your project exceeds the limitations of permitted development and approval must be obtained prior to works starting. Permitted development is allowed up to a limit on extensions/loft conversions without the requirement of planning permission, this may not always be possible should your property have had previous extensions.

Structural calculations are required to demonstrate the specification for loadings in extensions, loft conversions and where you plan to remove walls. This provides crucial information for planning any necessary steel works needed for your project.

We can provide all these services as a package. After an initial consultation we can provide you with a breakdown of costs and a plan that covers every requirement of the project relieving you of the bulk of the planning headache.

Getting a price for your project

In order to deliver the most realistic and fixed cost on your project we ask you to prepare a full wish list including everything you would want to achieve from your works. By doing this you can be confident of working within budget and give yourself a safety net.

By working carefully with you we try to give you the most accurate estimate possible and by sharing our extensive experience help you consider things you may not have thought of. It's all too easy to start with only a very basic priced outline and find your budget quickly exceeded with only a handful of add-ons. The more information shared at this point, the more accurate your pricing will be.

However, we are very flexible to change as work progresses. The trick to minimising the impact of any unforeseeable changes is to implement them without undoing any earlier work thus adding little or no cost to the project.

There are only three things that could increase the cost of your project;

  1. when excavating foundations the building inspector requires us to dig out to a greater depth than specified due to ground conditions
  2. discovering defective or rotten timbers or collapsed drainage when opening up existing connected concealed areas
  3. the addition of work items added on during the project that were not requested as part of the original estimate

All of the scenarios above are outside of our control and so if your budget has been carefully planned, this is where your contingency sum may need to be utilised.

We never rectify the problem without consulting you first. We stop, make you aware of the situation and provide you with a cost for any remedial work required before we proceed.

We never increase the cost falling outside of the scenarios set out above. Every job is priced individually and all details of the proposed works are fully set out in our estimate.

Depending on the size of your project and the time scale involved staged payments connected to progress in the schedule are submitted generally every two weeks. We do not request any deposits or upfront payments.

Your satisfaction with our high quality of works and service is very important to us.

As is has been for the last 30 years, your recommendation after the successful completion of your project is our best advertisement.

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